IT Infrastructure

We believe that core infrastructure design must involve application and business team. Based on such concept, we work closely with our clients to get a thorough understanding of the business operation, targeting to provide a best-fit IT infrastructure.

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Managed IT Services

We will relieve our clients from the tedious tasks of managing IT infrastructure by serving as an IT extension service. Chintec provides the on-site and remote technical resources necessary to pro-actively manage, maintain and support your hardware, operation system and software environment.

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Consultation & Development

Most businesses know what they want to achieve, we provide you the technology and expertise to attain the goal. Our specialists are well-versed in all areas of IT, and has been well known of our track records in the design, development, implementation and maintenance of many middle to mega-sized mission-critical IT projects in China and Asia Pacific.

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IT Outsourcing

CHINTEC IT Outsourcing services will set your IT team free from daily routine, focus on your core business and engage your team for better productivity

We provide the customer with the committed Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlining services, priorities, and responsibilities related to the support of IT technology. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will be provided as the processes and procedures, which will empower your core business process at the same time.

We provide IT outsourcing can improve service response speed and efficiency. Professional and technical engineer can liberate your IT department from the daily maintenance and management, reduce the risk of system maintenance and management, and enhance the credibility of the department. Also you can save the expenditure on training, and increase the flexibility of human resources allocation.

Do what you do best and outsource the rest

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China Coverage


Asia CoverageConvergence Alliance

Convergence Alliance has emerged as a regional IT solution, bridging the cultural gap between a strong western IT direction and the local execution teams all over Asia. Today, we are covering APAC’s 80+ cities, namely China mainland, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar as well as the Philippines.

80+ Cities 11 Countries

2018 Achievements

  • The cabling of a 66,000 m2 regional warehouse opening in Malaysia.
  • Simultaneous implementation of 100+ IT rooms within 8 weeks in China.
  • We opened a complete store in 1 week in the remote south of Thailand.


Are the source of our passion. We are growing with our customers, with our shared values.

Our cutting edge expertise & experience are bringing more and more added values for our customers.

Why chooseour IT consulting services?

  • 15 years of experience in retailing IT
  • A Reliable long-term IT partner
  • Efficient in every step of project Mgt
  • Local player, with Regional Coverage
  • Creative & Innovative in every solution proposed
  • Prudent in actions & deployment


We are not alone, with our strong connections to our valuable partners, we are able to deliver quality solutions for world class customers.


More than 10 years, we are keeping ourselves align with the International ISO & National GB certificates for IT management and software development. We are proud to be accredited as Private High-tech company by Provincial Organization in 2018.

CHINTEC has been serving us for more than 10 years, whose China-wide coverage helped us to expand quickly in China, as well as his expertise in retailing IT infrastructure management. I believe that for Retailing business expansion, CHINTEC is able to help you on all IT field.

Former CIO Decathlon Asia

CHINTEC successfully helped us on IT Human Resource outsourcing service, which efficiently balanced our internal team management with good flexibility.

China IT Director

CHINTEC made huge efforts for helping us in procurement for a cutting-edge technology and solutions. His experience in retailing IT stands him out from many solution providers.

IT Project Manager

CHINTEC helped us in many different aspects, including IT HR outsourcing, software development and new solution consulting. I believe that CHINTEC’s experience dealing with international IT requirements could help any kind of world-class enterprise if they want to develop in China.

S. Changat
Senior IT Manager

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